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ATTENTION: Effective July 1st, 2021 Inspired Blinds will be increasing pricing by 12% due to the rising cost of freight shipping from Fedex and UPS. Please download the updated catalog on July 1st for updated pricing. The Inspired Blinds warranty was updated effective February 1, 2021. The updated warranty can be found on our warranty page and when the new catalog is published.


Measuring For Fabric Blinds

These basic tips will get you perfect measurements for window treatments! See category sections below for more details.


IB (Inside Bracket) Mount


OB (Outside Bracket) Mount

Inside Mount (IB):

Make sure that your window has enough depth to accommodate the product you have chosen. If your window does not have the required depth, select another product, or an outside mount. The exact measurement will include the Headrail and Bottom Rail.

Width: Measure the width in 3 places; top, center, and bottom. Use the shortest width for your custom Inspired Blinds.

Height: Measure the height in 3 places; left, center and right. Use the shortest height for your custom Inspired Blinds.


Outside Mount (OB):

  1. Specify the exact width and height you want your product. Your product will be made to the exact size you specify. 

  2. You should include additional height for the mounting brackets, which are up to 2 1/2inch tall. 

  3. Add an extra 1/2inch width or more on the sides, top, and bottom for more privacy and light blockage. 

  4. Be aware of obstructions like molding, doorknobs, and deadbolts that might get in the way of your blind. Some blinds are available with spacer blocks or extension brackets to help remove these obstructions. Please request these in "Special Requests" just above the "Add to Cart" button.

Tips and Recommendations:

Inspired Blinds: 

    1. Make sure to measure your window for either IB (Inside Bracket) Mount, or OB (Outside Bracket) Mount, prior to choosing a size for your custom blind.

    2. With the EZ Lift Fabric Blind raising and lowering the blind takes time, as you continually pull the single cord function (pull cord) in one direction to fully raise or lower the blind. Keep this in mind when ordering blinds of a considerable height.

    3. The EZ Lift Fabric Blind is best the choice for consumers who want to control the height of the blind with ease.

    4. The Routless Fabric Blind can have a "Tilt Cord" and "Pull Cord" on either the same sides (L,L) (R,R) or either side (L,R) (R,L).

    5. With a long Headrail consider the option of 2 Blinds on 1 Headrail. You can customize the width of each blind to fit the full Headrail width.

      1. ex: 24" + 24" = 48" or 12 + 36 = 48   This adds $20.00 to your total cost of the blind.

    6. All Inspired Blinds are easy to install, light, and provide your room with an elegant window covering that fits your style.

    7. The max width for the 2 blinds 1 headrail option is 120". Please keep this in mind when choosing this option.

    8. Cord Tilt/Pull: Braided polyester cord styles will measure the height indicated below unless otherwise specified.

Blind Height 12"-36" 36"-48" 48"-72" 72"-96"
Standard Loop 2' (24") 3' (36") 4' (48") 5' (72")